Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Favourite Chew

Again here comes the most adorable chubby cutie, PIKACHU

Pika Chew chew chew ~~

I love to eat

So of course I love to chew :))

Here reveals the secret of Ah Tay's Favourite Chew

1st CHEW

Fried oyster mushroom ^^

I am a fan of mushroom, especially oyster mushroom XDD


Muahahaha... I love this soooooooo much. This healthy snack tastes just nice, try it out by yourself.

What you need:

10 ounces fresh oyster mushrooms, wiped clean
1 cup flour
1/2 cup cornstarch
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup water

What chef doesn't want you to know :

1. Mix flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt in a bowl.
2. Add water to make a batter.
3. Dip clean mushroom into batter letting excess batter drip off.
4. I find it easier to stick a toothpick into the mushroom to dip it.
5. After dipping into batter , deep fry it in oil until golden.
 6. Enjoy !!! :))

2st CHEW

Black Sticky Rice Dessert Soup

Thick and gluey bowl of sweeten black glutinous rice has surprisingly good taste. Check it out!! ^^


1 cup black sticky/glutinous rice (wash)
5 cups water
3 tbsp sugar


1.     Place black sticky rice and water in a pot and cook over low heat for 35 minutes.
2.     Add sugar and stir well.
3.     May serve with coconut milk.

3st CHEW

Scrambled egg with spinach and cream cheese

This dish might not look great, but it is good tasted.


9 large eggs
salt and pepper
1 Tbls olive oil
7-8 cups packed spinach
2 cups cottage cheese


1. In a bowl, whisk together eggs and 6 Tbls water; season with salt and pepper; set aside.
2. In a medium nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat.
3. Add spinach and season with salt and pepper; cook until wilted and tender, 2-3 minutes.
4. Add eggs; cook as you would normally for scrambled eggs, letting them set a little while first.
5. When cooked, serve with a scoop of cottage cheese on top and sprinkle your choice of grated cheese to finish it off.

These dishes taste fantastic for me, how about you? Don't hesitate anymore, try them when you have the chance or cook them up ^^ Yummy yummy~~


Ah Tay the glutton *shy*


An unforgettable ordeal

Memory is always sweet and lovely making it unforgettable. But for this case, it isn’t. Here I want to share my unforgettable memory which left a deep impression on me happened when I was in primary three.

Flood water that ravaged Batu Pahat on year 2002, leaving trails of destruction in their wake still lingered on in my mind for I myself was one of the victims of that terrible flood. My grandmother passed away on the same day owing to the flood as it delayed her rush to hospital. It was heart aching enough. Although I was still young, I could remember the day vividly.

That Monday started with a drizzle which turned out to become raining cats and dogs later. I went to school as usual in the morning but I really couldn’t concentrate on my learning process as the sound of thunder was so loud and clear.

At about two, the rained showed no sign of ceasing. It was the time for coming back home. When my father came and fetched me, I saw my mother in the car too and I could feel the unusual atmosphere around us. I could see the sorrow painted on the adults’ faces and immediately I knew that something bad was happened. Just like what I thought, my mother told me that my grandmother had passed away and we had to rush to hospital.

That’s horrible and shocking. My dear grandmother had passed away. She had passed away! No way! Who to dote on me from now on? To whom can I act like a spoiled child? Who can be my shield if my mother scolds me? Nobody. No more. Although I was so young, I was still depressed as I knew my grandmother would never come alive. I was so stubborn as a child , all I want is just to have my grandmother back.

But hold on, why she was in the hospital? She was just fine in our house day before. Only after listening to my mother’s narration then I knew that traffic congestion due to the flood had delayed the time for my grandmother’s treatment. She was feeling not well suddenly in the morning but due to the traffic congestion, by the time she arrived at the hospital for treatment, her condition was unfavorable and sadly she had passed away after emergency treatment in the hospital.    

At Jalan Tanjong Laboh, we were held up for some time as two of the four lanes were flooded. The traffic was inching along. I could imagine the traffic condition which was even worse in the morning. Looking out from window, I could see the trees simply danced as the wind gained momentum. The water level rose higher and in some places it was even waist-high. The ground floor of the two-storey houses along the road was completely flooded. Here and there, items like wastepaper baskets were floating along.

I waited and waited. It took almost an hour for us to arrive at our destination. As expected, sorrow and bitterness filled up the air and I really don’t want to recall it back. So let’s me stop here. I just want to say that this ordeal is unforgettable for me because it was the first time for me to encounter a flood and at the same time, experienced deplore greatly.

Pen off,

Ah Tay

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Favourite Cartoon Character ♥

'Pika pika~~~~~'

Each time if we talk about cartoon 'Pokemon', I am sure that many of us do have an impression of the cute and sweet sound 'pika pika~~~~ '

produced by PIKACHU 

I love pikachu so much~~ It's really really cute. Pikachu is also very good in fighting as other Pokemons do. 

Aka Aka Fighting

Pikachu is still cute even in a fight!! Haha XDD

Pikachu is among the most recognizable Pokemon. I think anyone who ever watched Pokemon cartoon before is able to recognize it. 

Pikachu is so popular in Pokemon anime. *shy shy* It has been used in many products' design and of course, Pikachu's fans all over the world will be fanatic about....


                                                    Pika Shoes ~~

  Piggy bank or Pika bank? XP

Pika phone cover

I am appreciate of owning this. A cute pikachu with my name written on it. Credit to lovely love love Love Flicka. She made this cute stuff XDD 

So cute and creative right? hehe^^

Pikachu in bushes

Shhhh...Quiet please. Listen to the sound of nature. Pikachu is now in the jungle !!!

Haha^^... Fatin is really creative enough to make this background and the Pikachu looks so vivid. Haha =D

Pikachu.. Pika Pika 

It's great to see you this chubby cutie.

Pika pika~~

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Grown Up..

Sometimes when you put down your self-esteem

And admit to your fault

This is not so called failure

but GROWN UP is the name.

Such a horrible thing when a person

doesn't know about his mistake

and carry on this behavior and attitude

until his last breath.

Poor thing >.<

Just try =]

Just give it a try..

To everything

and anything.. XD

because you will not able to predict

which events or people

will turn your life upside down one day.

Still more we can learn about new things

That's the best part 

I am a Blogger ^^

Yeppi ^^

Finally I am a Blogger now...

It's really difficult for me to set up this 'Smiley Hut'

You know I'm not a computer savvy after all

For at least 10 times I changed my template

For at least 8 times I changed my background

Followed blog tutorial for about 10 times

but failed most of the time >.<

So you will be able to understand my contentment for owning this little sweety hut 

For the first time I use a blog

And for the first time I love blog


Puan Marjan I do love you too

Really an interesting assignment although it is so time consuming

Woo hoo =]

About Ah Tay Tay Jie Yee


I forget to introduce about myself

I am Ah Tay Tay Jie Yee

A 19 years old girl who is on her journey to become a caring teacher

in  Kirkby International College

accompany by lots of her

intimate friends

thoughtful classmates

and lovely collegemates.

More about Ah Tay

[I love to talk, but sometimes I am quiet.

[I am obtuse, but sometimes I can be clever.

[I love to laugh, but sometimes I don't have facial expression.

[I love to play, but sometimes I am not that energetic.

[I am clumsy, but sometimes I can be refined.

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Love to be myself

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