Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Favourite Cartoon Character ♥

'Pika pika~~~~~'

Each time if we talk about cartoon 'Pokemon', I am sure that many of us do have an impression of the cute and sweet sound 'pika pika~~~~ '

produced by PIKACHU 

I love pikachu so much~~ It's really really cute. Pikachu is also very good in fighting as other Pokemons do. 

Aka Aka Fighting

Pikachu is still cute even in a fight!! Haha XDD

Pikachu is among the most recognizable Pokemon. I think anyone who ever watched Pokemon cartoon before is able to recognize it. 

Pikachu is so popular in Pokemon anime. *shy shy* It has been used in many products' design and of course, Pikachu's fans all over the world will be fanatic about....


                                                    Pika Shoes ~~

  Piggy bank or Pika bank? XP

Pika phone cover

I am appreciate of owning this. A cute pikachu with my name written on it. Credit to lovely love love Love Flicka. She made this cute stuff XDD 

So cute and creative right? hehe^^

Pikachu in bushes

Shhhh...Quiet please. Listen to the sound of nature. Pikachu is now in the jungle !!!

Haha^^... Fatin is really creative enough to make this background and the Pikachu looks so vivid. Haha =D

Pikachu.. Pika Pika 

It's great to see you this chubby cutie.

Pika pika~~

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